Research Applications

CLOUD Experiment at CERN
CLOUD uses a special cloud chamber to study the possible link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation.
The compact 1kHz ATLEX-I air cooled excimer laser generates high intensity UV light to simulate the sunlight.

ATLEX-I 1000 mounted on top of the CLOUD chamber

Courtesy of CERN, Switzerland

More information on the CLOUD experiment:

How it works

CERN experiment points to a cloudier pre-industrial climate

How clouds affect Earth's temperature

Excimer Laser for Material Processing and Microsystem Manufacturing

Micromachining System based on ATLEX-M - 193 nm Short Pulse Excimer Laser
Courtesy of KIT, Karlsruhe

SEM images of microstructures in PI obtained by excimer laser ablation (pulse length 6ns, no processing gas)

Micro-Laser-Liga for fabrication of membranes, micro-fluidic devices and integrated single mode wave guides

SEM images of laser generated patterns in polystyrene

Pulse length 4 ns (ATLEX-M)

Pulse length 20 ns

(typical big Excimer laser)


TOF spectroscopy setup for clusters detection

Courtesy of Humboldt University, Berlin

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