Industrial Applications

ProMaster compact laser workstation

The ProMaster laser workstation from ATL/Optec uses the ATLEX laser to give big micromachining performance from a compact package.

MicroMaster micromachining system

The MicroMaster micromachining system from Optec uses the ATLEX laser for high-precision processing of micro-electronic and bio-medical components in polymers, glass, thin metals, plastics and ceramics.

LB Smart Systems

LB Smart Systems: Minimal footprint, application specific production tools using proven Optec LightBench technology & components, combine short pulse excimer laser with high performance optics, accurate part handling & sophisticated process control control. Laser trimming, catheter drilling, medical device manufacture.


LightShot is a turnkey excimer laser micromachining tool specifically designed for high resolution, high e.d. at 193nm;- includes short pulse laser, 0.2 n.a. WYSIWYG optics with TTL colour zoom vision, 32-motif selector, demag. switch 10/16X, precision part positioning on rock solid granite frame & user friendly ProcessPower software control with handy routines, Click & Shoot in a graphics environment and import from industry standard files & CAD.

MM200 Flex

Latest addition to the MicroMaster range is MM200-Flex, which uses a MicroMaster machine base with high n.a. LightShot BDU for finer machining down to <1µm resolution. MM200-Flex, as the name implies, also allows other options, in this example:-

a) an additional on-board RF excited CO2 laser with BDU
b) additional separate beam path with mask projection optics for large excimer laser mounted externally.
c) open frame X,Y stages for mounting lighting, diagnostic equipment or retroreflector behind the part.

25 micron hole in polyamide (Courtesy of Resonetics Inc.)


Precise holes drilled in a fine Nylon tube
(Courtesy of Resonetics Inc.)

Very short laser pulses of 2 to 20 mJ provide Megawatt peak powers that ablate selected areas without damaging surrounding material.


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